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The King on Mt Zion (Ps 2)

The rulers of the world have always opposed the Messianic king. They tried to overthrow David; they tried to kill Jesus. Now they try to prevent his kingdom from being established. But all their plans are doomed to failure. What folly to oppose the king whom God has appointed!


Prepare the way of the Lord! (3:4-)

John the Baptist called on his hearers to prepare for the coming of the Lord in judgment and salvation. Many of them were trusting that their descent from Abraham gave them a special status before God. But John called for supernatural and radical repentance.


O happy man! (Ps 1)

What sort of life do you want? The psalmist shows us two ways. Some people let the world shape their thinking; others draw all their thinking from God’s Word. Which is the road to true blessedness?


John the Baptist: 4 key words (3:3)

Luke sums up John the Baptist’s preaching in a sentence: a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. What do those four words mean? How do they fit together?


A man sent from God (3:1-20)

Alone, without backers, without resources, far from the corridors of power. Yet he had the Word of God. Preached with tremendous effect about forgiveness, repentance and the coming Messiah.

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