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Singing Psalms

On Sunday evenings we are studying the psalms together. I’m planning to cover the first twenty or so. The psalms were never intended just to be read, either silently or aloud. They’re not merely poems – they are songs. The book of psalms was the hymnbook of ancient Israel. So, if aiming to get the full impact of the psalms, emotionally as well as intellectually, it’s important that we sing them together.

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Christ in the wilderness (4:1)

After Jesus was baptised he was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. Why must he go through this time of trial? And why did it have to be in the wilderness?


Always rejoicing (Ps 4)

A second psalm written at the time of Absalom’s rebellion. David was surrounded by bitter enemies, reckless allies and discouraged friends. Yet he found his own heart full of joy as he spoke to God.


Jesus: the Second Adam (3:22-)

At his baptism Jesus was declared to be the Son of God and King. Adam too was called God’s Son and appointed king over the earth. Adam was tempted and fell. Will Jesus triumph where Adam was defeated?


Jesus: the King Anointed (3:22)

When Jesus was baptised, heaven was opened, the Spirit descended, the Father spoke from heaven. What did each of those signs mean for the Lord Jesus? To understand, we need to examine the Old Testament background.

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