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Prayer Meetings

I returned recently from a 3 week family holiday. One of the great benefits of being away from home is the opportunity to meet with other churches. It’s good to hear other men preach, to share in the life of another congregation, to pray with another church. You can learn a lot by attending the prayer-meeting in another church.


150 Years On – was Darwin right?

Dr Stephen Lloyd spoke at our Harvest Supper this year on the theme of “150 Years On – Did Darwin get it right?”. A good number of people attended ranging from students at Manchester University to neighbours, friends and church regulars. See the photos & listen again.


The King prays against the wicked (Ps 5)

What is a psalm of David? It is a psalm spoken by the king, fulfilling his kingly office. Each true king in turn prayed against the wicked. Jesus the ultimate King made each of the psalms of David his own. He too prayed against the wicked. If we are in Christ, we must learn to pray as he prayed.


Jesus: tempted in every way (4:1-)

We look at the first two temptations that Jesus endured in the wilderness. He was tempted through physical need; he was tempted to seek good ends through evil means. He was truly tempted as we are.


Building Blocks: An Introduction to the Christian Faith

What is God Like? What is our biggest problem? Jesus Christ: Who He is, what He did. What must I do to be saved?

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