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It’s 150 years since Darwin published “On the Origin of Species” – a book that changed the way countless people view the world. What’s left of Christianity when you adopt Darwin’s scheme?


Marriage at Midnight (Ruth 3)

As Boaz is woken with a start in the middle of the night we find ourselves plunged into an unfamilar world of ‘bride-prices, kinsmen redeemers and levirate marriages’. Yet there is a wealth of practical wisdom here for 21st century people – whatever their marital status.


Satan defeated (4:31-36)

Jesus spoke with authority but also with power. In the synagogue in Capernaum was a man who had an unclean spirit. With a word Jesus rebuked the demon and set the man free. Jesus still sets men free from the power of Satan and demons by his word. One day he will set the whole creation free.


Family faithfulness (Ruth 2)

Naomi’s needs begin to be met – first by Ruth and then Boaz. But what motivates them to help her? And what are the implications for us?


Speaking with Authority & Power (4:31-)

Jesus claimed complete authority when he taught. Were his claims well-founded? In Capernaum he did not just teach with authority; he demonstrated his authority by rebuking all the powers of evil.

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