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Turning the other cheek (6:27-36)

Jesus commanded his disciples to submit to blatant injustice. Did he really mean it? And is it possible to do it?


Love your enemies (6:27-36)

Jesus commanded his disciples to love their enemies. But what does love mean? And how do we put his command into practice?


Set Free

John was an alcoholic for thirty years.

His addiction to drink cost him his family, his business and his career in football. He was in and out of prisions, hospitals, mental institutions. Then he met Jesus Christ and Jesus set him free.

Meet John at our free Men’s Breakfast on Saturday 5th June 9am at Grace Baptist Church.


Blow ye the trumpet!

In the year of Jubilee, Israelites who had forfeited their inheritance could be set free from debt and slavery, and could regain their heritage. Jesus Christ announced the true year of Jubilee: true freedom for all who belong to him, an inheritance that is for ever.


Blessing of the destitute (6:17-26)

Jesus’s disciples tasted success and popularity. But Jesus warned them that the mark of his true disciples is poverty, hunger, pain and persecution. They are the people who are truly blessed.

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