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Jacob and the stairway to heaven (Gen 28:10-22)

Jacob wanted God’s blessing but had no relationship with God – until God met with him.  Then at last he learned that God is present and personal.


Hearing and doing the words of Jesus (6:43-49)

Jesus had many people who called themselves his disciples.  All of them listened to his words and passed them on to others.  But how many put them into practice?


The speck and the log (6:41-42)

Christians can be very good at detecting the little sins in one another.  When should we rebuke our fellow believers and when should we remain silent?  And how good are we at recognising the greater sins in ourselves?  And what are we to do about them?


Noah and the way of escape (Genesis 3)

Noah was told that there was a way of escape from the coming wrath – but only one. Noah believed and was safe.


Pressed down and running over (6:37-42)

God has treated us with extraordinary, overflowing kindness. Jesus expects us now to show the same kindness to people who have hurt or harmed us.

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