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Loving the God we’ve never seen

Many Old Testament believers had close encounters with God.  He appeared to them as an angel, in flames of fire, in visions, in dreams, in storms.  New Testament believers cannot expect such meetings with God.  So should we envy those saints of former days?


John the Baptist: Message from a prison-cell (7:18)

John was a man of heroic faith and courage.  Yet his faith wavered when he heard of Jesus’s miracles of grace.  How could a man, once so sure of the truth, lose his certainty?


Job: Questions, Questions, Questions

Job longed to meet God and question him.  But when God met Job, it was God who asked the questions.


Jesus: Elijah returned? (7:11-17)

Elijah prayed for a widow’s son to be raised from the dead.  Jesus too raised a widow’s son.  But the significance of the two events was very different.  Elijah’s miracles were signs of judgement against Israel.  The miracles of Jesus were signs of salvation.


Jesus, the Lord of Life (7:11-17)

Elijah the prophet prayed that God would raise a widow’s son from the dead and it happened!  Now Jesus raises another widow’s son.  So Jesus is a prophet like Elijah?  Yes, but so much more!

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