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John the Baptist: unsought greatness (7:24-28)

John the Baptist was truly great – the greatest of Old Testament believers.  Yet Jesus declares that the weakest Christian of New Testament times is greater than John.


Spiritual Decline and Restoration 3

James writes to his struggling Christian brothers to assure them that there’s a way to be restored.  He gives them seven directives to follow.  Don’t delay put them into practice now.


Jesus commends his herald (7:24-28)

John the Baptist was neither fashionable nor glamorous.  But he was a faithful servant of God, a prophet, a messenger, the forerunner of the Messiah, the preparer of the way.  We need men and women like him.


Listen again to “John Bradford the Manchester Martyr”

Oliver Allmand-Smith (M.A) spoke last night at Grace Baptist Church on: “The Manchester Martyr: John Bradford 1510-1555” Listen again or download the lecture.


Spiritual Decline and Restoration 2

There’s a way back for every believer who has fallen into spiritual decline.  But where does it begin?  With a fundamental change of attitude.  There can be no restoration until we recognise that we are God’s property, created for his glory and redeemed at infinite cost.

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