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A woman who loved (7:36-50)

Simon treated Jesus with cold courtesy.  A notorious woman welcomed him with unrestrained affection.  How do we account for his coldness?  How do we account for her love?


Pharisee and Prostitute (7:36-50)

Why did the religious leaders of the day refuse to be baptised by John or to submit to Jesus?  Why did the taxcollectors and sinners come to Jesus so gladly?  Why was Simon the pharisee so discourteous to Jesus?  And why did a prostitute burst into tears in his presence?   Luke gives us the answers.


The Pharisees in their playground (7:29-35)

To belong to the kingdom of God is the most awesome privilege we can imagine.  Yet the Pharisees wanted no part in it.  Why not?  What reason did they give?  And what was their real reason?


To drink or not to drink?

To drink or not to drink: that is the question.  Over the years, I have been asked many times to give my advice on the subject of alcohol.  May a Christian drink “in moderation” or should we abstain completely?  I was asked the question again a few days ago.  I didn’t have time then to answer the question fully.  So here’s my answer now.  It depends.  It depends on many things.

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