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Men with a mission (10:2-)

When Jesus sent out his seventy messengers, he made it clear what qualities they (and we) would need to finish the task.  We examine seven characteristics he aimed to develop in them.


By faith… some triumphed, some endured

Every one of God’s children lives by faith.  Some are allowed to experience triumphs and joys in this world.  Others are called to endure affliction and apparent failure.  But all are commended for their faith.  And all will share in the everlasting inheritance.


By faith… what more can I say?

God’s people have always lived by faith, looking forward in hope, trusting an invisible God.  We must learn to recognise faith in the lives of Old Testament saints.  The judges, David, Samuel, the prophets were all men of faith.


Jesus and the Seventy (10:1)

Jesus sent out seventy (or was it seventy-two?) messengers. Like the elders chosen by Moses, they were his representatives, sharing his work and equipped by his Spirit.


By faith… Joshua and Rahab

All God’s elect are saved through faith. But faith may show itself in many very different ways. The faith shown by the Israelites at Jericho was very different from the faith shown by Rahab within the city.  But both were God-given.

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