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The Fruit of the Spirit: Patience

God is patient: slow to anger, quick to forgive.  God has shown his patience in history, he has displayed it though his Son, he has proved it in our experience.   How does the Holy Spirit produce patience in us?  By making us aware of God’s patience towards us.


Jesus the Son of Man (9:18-20)

Peter recognised Jesus as the Christ of God.  Jesus preferred to call himself the Son of Man.  Why?  What does the title mean?  What does it imply?


The Fruit of the Spirit: Peace

God is at peace within himself and he loves to create peace – within  his creation and among his people.  What are the dimensions of the peace that the Holy Spirit brings to God’s people?


Who do you say I am? (9:18-20)

Why couldn’t the crowds see the truth about Jesus?  Because they were blind.  So were the disciples until God opened their eyes.  But the moment came when they knew the truth and spoke it clear and plain.


The Fruit of the Spirit: Joy

Joy is a fruit of the Spirit.  But who or what is the Spirit?   What does he do for the believer?  And how does he produce joy within us?  If we want joy, how do we find it?

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