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Francina Kwek

I grew up in a mixed family. My father’s parents were staunch Taoists & very superstitious. My father, as far as I can tell, is an atheist. On my mother’s side were Christians… I’ve always known God existed… but God was a stranger to me, and I didn’t know it.


Sent to Nineveh (Jonah 1)

The stench of Nineveh’s sin had come up against God.  And yet God sent his messenger there.  Many Christians say we are living in a society under God’s judgement.  All the more reason to see ourselves as God’s messengers to that society!


Is it worth it? (9:23-27)

Jesus made it clear that following him would be a costly and painful business.  Why would anyone choose it?    Because of what we gain – life!  And because of what we see – even here in this world, those who follow him see the Kingdom of God.


The Fruit of the Spirit: Self Control

Self- control: the capacity to master our desires.  What are the desires that need to be controlled, and what strategies must we use to control them?


Ashamed of Jesus? (9:23-26)

Jesus knew that he would experience the humiliation and shame of the cross.  He warned that those who follow him must expect to carry a cross too, and share his shame.  What shame do we face in our society if we choose to follow Jesus?

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