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Our True Home

Many Christians aren’t actively looking forward to the world to come and we need to be. We try to whet our appetites for all that God is preparing for his people by looking at the Bible’s pictures of the new heavens and earth, starting with the home being prepared for us by the Lord Jesus.


God’s gifts to Nineveh (Jonah 3)

God was gracious to Jonah.  God was gracious to the sailors who threw Jonah overboard.  And God was gracious to the people of Nineveh to whom Jonah preached.


Losing sight of the cross (9:44-50)

When believers lose sight of the cross, they can become arrogant, ambitious, exclusive, vengeful.  And that’s what happened to the disciples.  They could not or would not listen to what Jesus said about his approaching sufferings and death.  No wonder their attitudes and relationships were warped.


Second best? (Jonah 3)

A believer who deliberately chooses a path of disobedience may later repent and be restored.  But is he doomed from then on to live “in God’s second-best”?


At the foot of the mountain (9:37-42)

Three of Jesus’s disciples were allowed to see his glory on the Mount of Transfiguration.  But meanwhile the other nine, at the foot of the mountain were helpless in the face of demonic power.  What had gone wrong?

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