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The Hope of Glory

A newly re-made universe being what it was always meant to be – an eternal, massive display of God’s being and glory! Filled with all the fullness of God. And at the centre of it all the Lord Jesus, the Lamb who was slain, making visible God’s glory for all eternity.


By faith Abel approached God

Abel offered a better sacrifice than Cain.  But what made Abel’s sacrifice acceptable to God?  It was a token of Abel’s faith – his conviction that unseen things are real – and his hope in a Saviour still to come.


Real life at last

Astonishing new bodies, a transformed world, rivers flowing with milk and honey, exploring the a world of infinite interest and variety, love, joy, happiness, laughter – ‘ordinary’ life in the world to come.


What is Faith? (Heb 11)

What is faith?  Believing things with no evidence?   Claiming things from God that He’s never promised?  No, faith means living with the assurance that unseen things are real, and that future things are certain.


Jonah – a man remade (Jonah 4)

Jonah was brought to the point where he knew he had to obey God. But his feelings were still out of alignment with God’s.  God wants more than our obedience – he wants us to share his feelings and reflect his character.  And he was determined to remake Jonah to be like himself.

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