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God’s purpose, God’s Messiah, God’s people

A look-back over the first nine chapters of Luke’s gospel, tracing the main themes.


By faith… Moses confronted Pharaoh

It’s hard to come through one crisis only to face another.  Moses had to go back and face Pharaoh again and again.  How did he find the courage?  By faith.


Independence Day

Last Sunday was by any standard an eventful day for us.  Independence Day.  The day when the fellowship in Charlesworth was to be constituted as an independent church.


By faith Moses chose

When Pharaoh decreed the extermination of Israel, most Israelites co-operated.  But Amram & Jochebed knew that God still had a purpose for the future so by faith they defied Pharaoh’s decree.  Their son Moses grew up between the two worlds of Egypt and Israel.  But the time came when he had to choose.  By faith he chose God and His people.


Isaac, Jacob, Joseph… died by faith

The best test of a man’s faith is often the way he dies.  Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, all died in the full assurance of faith.  Each of them believed God’s promises.  Each of them was looking forward to coming of Christ and the world to come.  Each of them was concerned to pass on the promise to the next generation.  How will you die?

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