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Looking through the album (Christmas Day)

Many families enjoy looking through old photo albums at Christmas.  But when people look at the Bible’s pictures of Jesus, many of them stop at the first page.  Let’s turn over the pages together!


Money and its Use (16:13-15)

Jesus commanded his disciples to use their money here in this world to win friends and gain eternal happiness.  Are we taking Jesus’s command seriously?  If we’re not, are we true disciples at all?


The God-given responsibility of parenting

Ostriches are stupid!  They produce young but show no concern for their safety and welfare.  Are you a human ostrich?


Lesson from a worldly man (16:1-15)

How should Jesus’s disciples use their money?  Jesus used a surprising story to answer the question.  He described a shrewd estate manager who was soon to lose his job.  He knew the best thing he could do with the money he controlled, while it was still in his hands!


Honour your Father and Mother

Children must honour parents.  But what does that mean in practice?   And why is it so important?

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