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Man hopeless; God gracious (2)

The people of Judah were convinced that they were superior to the rebels in Israel.  But Micah exposed the sin in their midst and its certain consequences.


The rich man in hell (16:19-31)

Jesus declared that the rich man died and found himself in a place of torment.  Do we believe in everlasting torment?  Jesus did.


Paul’s extended greeting to Titus 1:1

Paul describes himself and the work Christ commissioned him to do. He is a servant and moreover an apostle and he works to promote the faith, knowledge and godliness of the Christians on Crete. He had left Titus, his partner and co-worker, on Crete to continue and complete this work.


They have the Law and the Prophets (16:19-31)

The Pharisees found ways of getting round their plain words of the Law and the Prophets- especially when it came to money matters.  Jesus told the story of a rich man who found himself in the place of torment.  Why was he there?  Because he had the Law and the Prophets and yet continued his life of selfishness and greed.


Samaria, Jerusalem, the World (1)

The people of Jerusalem and Judah were sure that they were more righteous than their neighbours in Samaria and Israel.  But Micah preached the same word of judgement to both nations – and to us.

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