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God is at work (1:2-3)

In his greeting to Titus Paul talks about the hope of eternal life and we look at what this means. It was promised by God and the fact that his promises are kept has implications for us today: the way we look at the events of history and the events of today, and how we respond to those events.


Healed, Cleansed, Saved (17:11-19)

Jesus healed ten lepers but He did more.  He also removed their uncleanness.  Yet only one recognised the authority of Jesus to declare them clean. And that one was a Samaritan!


The highest mountain (4:1-5)

Micah knew that the Temple Mount would become a desolate jungle.  But he also knew that in the later days, the Lord would establish a higher mountain, a mountain whose top would touch the sky, a staircase to heaven.  Let’s go together to the Lord’s mountain!


Many false shepherds, one true (3)

The leaders of Jerusalem in Micah’s time were utterly corrupt.  Yet Micah, one man filled with God’s Spirit, could defy them all.


Seven Times in a Day? (17:3-10)

Could a real believer sin against you and repent – seven times in one day?  Yes, says Jesus, and you must forgive every time.  Should you pray for faith to do that?  No, it’s Jesus’s command – so just do it.

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