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A society under a curse (6:9-16)

Micah pronounced a solemn curse on the community of Jerusalem and Judah.  Already God was striking at that society.  But much worse was to come.


Many times more (18:28-30)

Jesus promised that those who leave the good things of this life to follow him, will receive many times  more even here in this world.  But what does that mean?  And how do these multiplied good things come to us?


Dealing with Deceitful Opponents (1:5-16)

We look at the need for elders to know the bible in order to deal with others who are spreading false teaching. We investigate the character and motivation of these opponents and see the consequences of their unsound teaching is unhealthy living. ‘What in elders is required, Is in saints to be desired.’


Leaving all to follow Jesus (18:28-30)

The rich ruler was told that he must get rid of all his wealth before he could become a follower of Jesus.  He was not willing.   But the disciples did leave all to follow Jesus.  What might we have to leave behind to be his disciples?


Bribing God (6:6-8)

The people of Judah and Jerusalem had no intention of turning from their sins.  What price would God the Judge accept to overlook their offences?

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