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Heat wave

Perhaps by the time you read this the temperature will have plunged and the rain set in again but now as I write the sun is shining brightly, the temperature in the shade is above 30º and a heat-wave warning has been issued for the Southeast of England. It’s been like this for two weeks already and the long-range forecast has no sign of any wetter weather to come for the next few weeks. It’s not what we are used to in the UK!

Weather like this means different things to different people.


Ladies, this is your life! (2:3-5)

Older women are called to be self controlled in their demeanour, including their manner of dress and use of their tongues in conversations. We asked what it was they turned to when life becomes difficult.


The King comes to the Temple (19:45-48)

When Jesus came to Jerusalem, his first public act was to begin the cleansing of the temple. Why? Because he was the rightful King – and it was the duty of the King to safeguard the purity of God’s house. If the people of Jerusalem were to accept him as their King, this was the programme to which he was committed.


A Tongue like a Sword (Psalm 52)

Doeg the Edomite used his tongue like a sword. Can a man speak words of cruelty, malice, deceit, and get away with it? David rejoiced in the certainty that God would deal with Doeg and all who are like him.


Weeping for Jerusalem (19:41-44)

Jesus came to Jerusalem as the king, inviting leaders and citizens alike a place in his kingdom. But he knew already what the response would be. As he saw the city, he could only weep at the thought of the disaster that was to fall upon it.

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