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Christians and the world outside (3:1-3)

We look at the instruction Paul gives concerning the attitudes & behaviour that should be exhibited to those in positions of authority and to those we meet in life’s situations. How do we treat such people & why? Paul says part of the reason lies in our state before conversion & that knowing what we were should affect our behaviour after conversion.


This is my body (22:14-20)

The Lord Jesus brought the Passover meal to a shocking end. He told his disciples that the bread he broke and gave to them was his own body. From now on, they must live not by feeding on the body of a sacrificed lamb, but on Jesus’s own body, given for them.


Wheat and weeds (13:24-30)

Believers have to live alongside unbelievers in this world. It won’t be easy but we can have absolute confidence that we will be kept safe and protected until Christ returns.


Jesus and the Passover (22:14-20)

Jesus was eager to eat the Passover meal with his disciples.  But what did it mean to him?


He who has ears, let him hear (Mat 13:1-23)

The Parable of the Sower is about hearing and understanding. Jesus’ words bounce off the crowds like seeds from the path but how will the parable help his disciples – the ones who do hear & understand his words?

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