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A Reliable Saying (3:4-8)

We look at one of the reliable sayings in Paul’s letters which has at its heart the astounding truth that God saved us. These verses show us the source of that salvation, its cause, how it is worked out in us and who is active in that work. Then turning to the glorious results of that salvation Paul expects it to be the motivation for living a life that pleases and glorifies God.


Judas and the plan of God (22:21-23)

Judas sinned. Satan drove. But God was in control. When human beings sin, can that really be God’s plan?


Who’s to blame? (22:21-22)

God planned that Judas would betray the Lord Jesus. Satan entered Judas and drove him to do it. But who was to blame for Judas’s crime?


The Net (13:47-50)

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a net – it’s closing in around you. You cannot escape it. You cannot put off your response to Jesus, the King.


Judas the traitor (22:21-23)

Judas Iscariot committed perhaps the most horrible crime in history.  Was he a monster, a psychopath?  No, he was a human being like you or me.

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