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Paul’s more personal thoughts (3:12-15)

In our last study on the book of Titus we see how Paul, even in his more personal closing remarks demonstrates the heart of a pastor in his concerns and the need for believers to be active in their support of others. Some of Paul’s fellow workers are known to us and some are not, but all play their part. We also consider why Paul should desire the grace of God to be bestowed on the believers on Crete.


The decisive day (22:63 – 23:49)

We trace the sufferings of Jesus from the time he was arrested to the time when he died, nailed to the cross at Golgotha.


The Man of love and the men of hate (22:63-65)

Jesus was beaten up by men who hated him and loved cruelty. Have human beings changed? Jesus prayed for those who tortured him. Has he changed?


The contradictory Christian (22:54-62)

Simon Peter loved the Saviour. Yet he disowned him.  A contradiction in terms? Yes, but that’s what every Christian is here in this world.


In the courtyard of the high priest (22:54-62)

Simon Peter truly loved the Lord Jesus. He was willing to expose himself to any danger to be near his Master. Yet he proved disloyal. Where did his weakness lie?

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