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The Tongue-tied Prophet (3:22-4:17)

Ezekiel was commanded to prophesy to the people of Israel. But he was warned that he would be paralysed and speechless. How could he fulfil his commission?


Through whose eyes? (2:1-12)

Studying the way in which Jesus forgave the sins of a man who was paralysed as well as healing his body we see that it was not only in those two actions his divinity is revealed. We also considered which of the people who were there we most resembled.


God’s gifts to Ezekiel (3)

Ezekiel was called to fulfil a difficult and painful task. Yet God gave him everything he needed to complete his work.


Three threads in the pattern (24:44-49)

What does the Old Testament say about the Christ? It says that he must suffer. It says that he must rise again on the third day. It says that forgiveness of sins must be preached in his name to all nations. We consider the first two themes.


Ezekiel and his preaching (3:1-15)

The Lord told Ezekiel that he must preach to the rebellious message. But what was his message to be? And how should he prepare to preach it?

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