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God’s supreme concern (6:1-14)

Ezekiel knew that man’s greatest sin was to rob God of his glory. But he also knew that God’s greatest concern is to restore his glory.


The Promise of the Father (24:50-53)

Jesus gave his disciples an impossible task to perform. But he also gave them a guarantee of supernatural power.


Guilty Worship (6:1-14)

The Israelites’ worship was enthusiastic, costly, passionate.  So why did the Lord react to it with such grief and fury?


Who cares if we perish? (4:35-41)

Mark’s evidence for the deity of Christ is added to by his account of the stilling of the storm on Galilee. Christ’s humanity is not in doubt but the big question that needs to be answered was uttered by the disciples after this miracle occurred, “Who then is this man?”

We look at some Old Testament evidence to back up Mark’s assertion about the nature of Jesus Christ and consider how much a difference it makes.


Preaching to the mountains (6:1-14)

Ezekiel was commanded to preach to the mountains of Israel. Why? Because they were the witnesses to the nation’s greatest crimes.

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