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Angel of mercy and wrath (10:1-22)

Ezekiel saw a man sent by God to mark out those whom God intended to save. But the same man was also sent by God to pour out fire on Jerusalem. Who was this mysterious man with the two-fold mission?


The Compassion Christ shows (6:30-52)

In previous sermons we saw the power that Christ revealed in the miracles he performed. Power over sickness, over disease, over demons, over disability, over sin and over nature. In this way Mark demonstrates Christ has the power and authority that belong only to God. Today we look at the way Mark highlights the way Christ reveals his compassion in three ways. Showing not only his ability but also his willingness to do poor sinners good.


Pictures and Reality (9:1-11)

Ezekiel was allowed to see a picture of the coming judgment. The picture was appalling. But how much more terrible the reality must be!


Information, Intimacy, Partnership (1:3-7)

What does it mean to know God? We consider three vital dimensions of the knowledge of God.


Suppressing the truth in unrighteousness (8:1-18)

The people of Jerusalem knew so much about God – and they hated him! The natural human mind is enmity against God – it takes a miracle of grace to save any of us.

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