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Vines and the True Vine (15:1-8)

What makes a vine special? Nothing – except its fruit. A vine that bears no fruit is fit for nothing. The vine of Israel was worthless. But a true and fruitful Vine has been planted – and those who are joined to him will bear fruit.


A restoration project (7:31-37)

In this parable, which is unique to Mark, we see the Lord continue to demonstrate the worldwide nature of his ministry and the goal of his work through a link to Isaiah 35. This miracle reveals once again that Jesus is the Christ through its effects in restoring this man’s ability to communicate and the praise from a predominantly Gentile crowd.


Many roads to faith? (1:1 & 10)

Yes, there are many roads to saving faith. But it is always faith in Christ alone, a response to his personal call.


Ezekiel Counsels the Elders (14:1-23)

The elders of Israel came to Ezekiel to ask his counsel. But were they ready to receive it?


The Faith that Saves: Never Alone (1:5-11)

We are saved through faith alone. But the faith that saves is never alone. Real faith produces real change.

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