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Egypt: condemned to death (32:1-32)

Egypt like every nation, was destined to die. In Sheol, all her greatness would be forgotten. There is only one way to escape the curse of death – through Christ the resurrection and the life.


Changing plans but an unchanging gospel (1:12-20)

Paul admitted it freely: there were times when he had to change his plans. But he was confident that God’s promises, given in the gospel, would never change.


The Splendour that was Egypt (31:1-18)

Egypt was a splendid empire – a tree of life, creating a new Eden. But God planned to bring it crashing down. Why? Because of its towering pride.


Living by the grace of God (1:12)

The “superapostles” congratulated themselves on their achievements. But Paul had something better to rejoice in: a clear conscience. He was sure that his work was in line with the gospel of God’s grace.

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