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Canaan not Egypt (48:1-22)

Jacob and his family are enjoying God’s blessing in Egypt but Jacob is determined his sons must not forget God’s Promise and the Promised Land of Canaan. We need the same attitude as we live as strangers and exiles here in this world.


Antinomians: Superhuman or Subhuman? (2:12-13)

The antinomian false teachers claimed to have superhuman knowledge and authority. But Peter calls them greedy animals.


Witnesses of the Resurrection

The apostles – the men who first preached that Jesus had risen from the dead – paid a terrible price. Would they have been willing to suffer and die if they had known they were preaching a lie?


Jacob – The Promise Restored (46 & 47)

Jacob says ‘few and evil have been the days of my life’. But his suffering, pain and difficulties don’t mean his life has been a mistake or that God’s purposes have gone awry – and nor do our own pains and difficulties.


Blaspheming the Glories (2:10-16)

The false teachers despised and insulted the great Powers of evil. True Christians know that Satan and his allies are very powerful and cunning. We hate the devil and his angels, but we should also fear them.

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