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Satisfaction and understanding (8:1-21)

Christ feeds 4000 people, then deals with the Pharisees’ demand for a sign from heaven before teaching his disciples.


Unhappy Families (37:1-36)

Jacob’s family is marked by envy, hatred, favouritism, murderous intent and brutal disregard for other people. By God’s grace we can learn how to live wisely from their sins.


Pictures from the prophets (1:19-21)

The Old Testament prophets give us many extraordinary pictures of the world to come. But where did they get these pictures? Did the pictures arise simply from the prophets’ own interpretation?


The generations of Jacob (37:1-11)

The book of Genesis is all about the promised seed – the son who will defeat evil and restore blessing to the world. As we study the life of Joseph and his brothers we need to ask how that promise can be fulfilled in this family and how will it be fulfilled ultimately?


The prophets and the world to come (1:16-21)

Believers are looking forward to the glorious world to come. But how do we know it’s real? Because we have the visions of the Old Testament prophets. We would do well to pay attention to them!

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