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A Cry from the Darkness (10:46-52)

In looking at this miracle of the giving of sight to blind Bartimaeus we learn about the state of the non-Christian and what they need to do and also how Christians need to approach God in prayer. Bartimaeus shows us the way because he knew he was blind and poor and needed mercy from Christ and this was his opportunity to ask for it.


Taking God for granted (20:1-7)

The elders of Israel took it for granted that they had the right to ask God questions and that he would answer. But God had already said everything he wanted to say to them – and they hadn’t listened.


Slogans and Soundbites (3:3-4)

The false teachers had their favourite slogans. But how much sense did they make? Are we equipped to detect illogical arguments and to expose them?


The Lion and the Vine (19:1-14)

Ezekiel lamented the caging of the lion and the ruin of the vine. But we rejoice in the triumph of the Lion and the blossoming of the Vine. All Scripture leads us to Christ!


Peter and his Message (3:1-2)

Peter reminds his readers why he’s written this letter and what he hopes to achieve. Lessons here for preachers and listeners!

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