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Nothing but leaves (Mark 11)

Christ sought fruit from the fig tree but there was nothing but leaves. God was seeking the fruits of righteousness and justice from Israel, of which the fig tree was a type, and there was nothing but faithless ritual and show. The destruction of the fig tree means that Israel will be condemned. God is seeking fruit from Christians.


A church on the brink (2:5-11)

The church at Corinth came close to complete ruin. It seemed that Satan was on the point of destroying its life. Yet there was still a way for the church to be restored – if it was willing to heed Paul’s exhortations.


The People’s Watchman (33:1-33)

The people said they wanted Ezekiel to be their watchman. But would they listen to his warnings?


Time to Decide! (1:23-2:4)

Paul had a difficult decision to make. Whatever he did would be risky. But he made his decision and acted on it. To make right decisions requires thought, courage and love.


Watching the Tide Come In

A New Year. The year of our Lord 2017. What an exciting time this is to be alive! New churches are being planted every day in cities and in the remotest villages.

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