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The Valley of Bones (37:1-14)

Ezekiel saw a valley of bones – and they were very dry. Could these dry bones live? Only if the Lord breathed his life into them.


Moses and Paul (3:7-11)

Moses, the servant of the old covenant, shone with divine glory. But Paul, the despised servant of the new covenant, shone with a brighter glory. Moses’s service was the ministry of death. Paul’s service was the ministry of the Spirit.


Not the letter, but the Spirit (3:6)

Paul was very ready to agree that he was nothing special in himself. But he knew that he had a higher role than Moses, the greatest man of Old Testament times. He had been called to the service of the new covenant.


Disaster and Hope (36:16-32)

The disaster had fallen. God’s wrath had fallen on Israel. Yet Ezekiel could look forward in hope to the day of salvation. For his own name’s sake, God’s chosen people would be given new hearts to love God’s law and to hate their own sin.


Covenant Confidence (3:1-3)

Paul was more than ready to confess his own weaknesses. Yet his confidence remained intact. Why? Because he had experienced the power of the new covenant.

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