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Giving: a test of genuine love (8:8-15)

Paul appealed to the Corinthians to give generously. Their response would prove the reality of their love for Paul, for the saints of Jerusalem and for the Lord Jesus himself.


Christian giving: a test of reality (8:1-7)

The Christians of Macedonia had proved themselves by their giving. Now it was the Corinthians’ turn.


God with us

Loneliness is a big problem at Christmas. It cripples countless lives. We long for intimacy, for people we love and who love us in return, for people we can trust. But we live in a world where love and trust have been broken. It is because our relationship with God has been broken.


The privilege of giving (8:1-3)

Paul could point to the Macedonian churches as examples of true Christian giving. They regarded giving for the relief of their fellow-believers not as a duty but as a privilege.

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