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Nothing in your eyes (2:1-9)

We sometimes feel our work in the church is insignificant and not achieving anything – in fact our work for God has far bigger and greater consequences than we could possibly imagine!


Harvest of Righteousness (9:8)

Paul is sure that generous givers will be rewarded. But what is their reward and how does it come to them?


Taking a Gamble

How many times has it happened over the past few weeks? I’m accosted by a smiling lady as I leave the supermarket.‘Hi, We’re raising funds for the local hospital. Would you like to buy a lottery ticket?’ One of the neighbours’ children is standing on the doorstep looking hopeful. ‘We’ve got a raffle going at school for the new gym. Do you want to win a prize?’ 


Reaping bountifully (9:6,7)

It’s a simple principle. If you want an abundant harvest, you need to sow abundantly. But what is the harvest that generous Christians reap?

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