Grace Baptist Church (Stockport)

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you enjoy it and find it helpful.  Why not come along to one of our meetings. They are friendly, easy to follow and present bible teaching relevant to life today. Ever asked yourself “What is a Christian?” then find out what the Bible says.

We meet at 290 Edgeley Road, Cheadle Heath, Stockport, SK3 0RJ just 20 minutes from Manchester (Directions). Without transport? Then we can arrange a lift. If you are a Christian in need of fellowship or someone wanting to know more about the Bible and the way of salvation through Jesus then contact us and we look forward to seeing you.




About Grace Baptist Church (Stockport)

I’ve been asked a number of times recently: “What is Grace Baptist Church” Of course, the answer I’ve given has varied according to who I’m speaking to, and why they’re asking. But if I were talking to somebody who really wanted to know, and who had the time and inclination to listen, I’d want to say […]more →