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Taking a Gamble

How many times has it happened over the past few weeks? I’m accosted by a smiling lady as I leave the supermarket.‘Hi, We’re raising funds for the local hospital. Would you like to buy a lottery ticket?’ One of the neighbours’ children is standing on the doorstep looking hopeful. ‘We’ve got a raffle going at school for the new gym. Do you want to win a prize?’ 



As we enter 2019, it feels to me as if the New Year is marked by a huge degree of uncertainty – perhaps more so than any previous year that I remember during my life.



Some Christians put a great emphasis on dreams. They try to remember their dreams; they write them down each morning before they can forget them; they try to unravel what all the strange things they see in their dreams might mean; they expect God to show them the future through dreams; they look to God to give them guidance in their dreams.


Made for Man: The Sabbath Today

I think the question of the Sabbath is crucially important. If believers take on board the idea that they don’t need to set apart one day in seven as “holy to the Lord”, they are throwing away one of God’s greatest gifts.


Giving to Charities – A word of caution

When did you last give to charity? Perhaps it was when you were shopping on the high street. A collector was standing at the shop doorway shaking a box.

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