Letter from the Manse (136)

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  • Heat wave

    Perhaps by the time you read this the temperature will have plunged and the rain set in again but now as I write the sun is shining brightly, the temperature in the shade is above 30º and a heat-wave warning has been issued for the Southeast of England. It’s been…

  • Sharing a meal

    I feel guilty.  Today was Vicky’s seventh birthday. Vicky chose spaghetti for lunch.  And I wasn’t there to eat it with her and the family.  I was in my office at the church building doing last minute preparation for the Grace Assembly.

  • Women’s ministries

    I received an email last week from a much respected friend. He wanted my opinion about  the role of women in the church. Or more particularly, the role of women in the meetings of the church. He had been asked to lead a discussion for a church that’s been wrestling…