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If you forgive others their trespasses (Mat 6:14-15)

Jesus’ command is that we must forgive others their trespasses. But what does forgiveness mean and what it someone doesn’t want forgiveness – we learn by looking at God’s own forgiveness


How much we owe (Psalm 105)

The psalmist called the Israelites of his day to be thankful and to rejoice. They had much to rejoice about. But if we belong to Christ, we have more.


Lead us not into temptation (Mat 6:13)

A prayer which sometimes God answers by keeping us from trials and sometimes by delivering us from evil; we must urgently prepare ourselves for the particular temptations we might face in the coming weeks and months.


Forgive us our debts (Mat 6:12)

God is willing to forgive the huge mountain of debt that we owe him but we have to ask him to do it and be as willing to forgive others – how can that be possible?


God and his world (Psalm 104 part 2)

The psalmist sees God’s hand everywhere in the world around him. But how does God relate to his world?

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