Church membership

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The shepherd and the flock

The Bible tells us that churches need leaders.  But what sort of men should they be? And how should church members act towards them?


Pray for one another, pray with one another

The life of a church is dependent on its praying.  The Lord Jesus taught us to pray together: “Our Father who art in heaven, give us this day our daily bread”.  What a privilege it is to belong to a church where the members are committed to praying for and with one another!


Love one another

If you join a family you commit yourself to loving all its members.  We survey six New Testament passages which show us what that love involves.


Contending for the faith

The local church is the pillar and foundation of the truth.  So what is the first duty of church members?  It is to uphold the truth – to defend it and to proclaim it.  We’re committed to doing that together.


The church and its covenant

In this series we will be examining the covenant which all our church-members have signed.  But first we ask, “what is church membership?” and “why do we need a covenant?”

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