The Hymns we Love

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Blow ye the trumpet!

In the year of Jubilee, Israelites who had forfeited their inheritance could be set free from debt and slavery, and could regain their heritage. Jesus Christ announced the true year of Jubilee: true freedom for all who belong to him, an inheritance that is for ever.


When I survey the wondrous cross

The apostle Paul was determined never to boast except in the cross. Isaac Watts felt the same way. But why should anyone boast in an instrument of torture and execution? How could these men glory in the cross?


Not all the blood of beasts

The Israelites brought millions of sacrifices. They were never enough. “If only” there were a sacrifice precious enough to deal with the problem of sin once for all!


There is a city bright

In dark Victorian cities, believers loved to sing about the bright eternal city that is to come. But who is entitled to enter that city? And how?


Who is a pardoning God like thee?

Micah was amazed that God should pardon sin. So was Samuel Davies. Are we?

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