Luke’s Gospel

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Entering the true Jerusalem (24:50-53)

We look back over the story of Jesus as told by Luke. How does it end? It ends with Jesus the King entering in triumph to the real Jerusalem. The centre of his kingdom was not to be the earthly Jerusalem which was doomed to destruction, but the heavenly Jerusalem which endures forever.


The Promise of the Father (24:50-53)

Jesus gave his disciples an impossible task to perform. But he also gave them a guarantee of supernatural power.


Heralds and Messengers (24:46-49)

Jesus told his disciples that repentance and forgiveness of sins must be heralded to all nations. Why are we so hesitant to act as heralds of the king?


Jesus’s Strategy for Mission (24:47-49)

Jesus found in the Old Testament his strategy for world mission. Do we imagine we could produce a better one?


Three threads in the pattern (24:44-49)

What does the Old Testament say about the Christ? It says that he must suffer. It says that he must rise again on the third day. It says that forgiveness of sins must be preached in his name to all nations. We consider the first two themes.

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