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Joel – The prophet they listened to

Joel preached during a devastating plague of locusts. This time the people listened and changed. How do you respond to the difficulties and pain the LORD brings into your life?


Habakkuk – A man shaped by God

Habakkuk is a man struggling with doubts and questions – like so many of us. This book shows us to handle such doubts – changing us in the process.


Zephaniah – The Day of the LORD is near

A terrifying message: the Day of the LORD is near. How can you prepare for it and what will be the final outcome? As relevant today as it was for the original hearers.


Micah – A true King is coming

A summons to hear God’s Word and respond. Those who ignore it face disaster. Those who trust and obey God’s commands will be kept through the disaster and can look forward to the coming of the King.


Hosea – God’s heart revealed

A book with perhaps deeper insight into God’s own feelings and emotions than anywhere else in the whole Bible. A man sharing God’s own heartbreak and emotion through the circumstances of his own life. A glimpse of how the Lord Jesus thinks and feels.

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