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Paul: power & meekness (10:1-2)

Proud people despised Paul for his meekness and gentleness. They forgot that he had real authority, given to him by the Lord Jesus. That authority was given to him so that he could build up but he could also use it to destroy.


Zerubbabel – God’s Signet Ring (2:20-23)

Zerubbabel, leader of God’s people is called the LORD’s signet ring – one with the closest possible relationship to God and through whom all his purposes are being carried out. But he is only a pointer to our true leader, the Lord Jesus – God’s ultimate Chosen One.


One Step Forward (10:1)

The church in Corinth had taken one step forward under Paul’s guidance. But was he satisfied? No, there was much more to be done.


From this day on I will bless you (2:10-19)

Unclean and contaminating people transformed to holy people under God’s blessing – how did that happen and how can it happen for us?


Enriched in every way (9:9-15)

When God’s people give generously, God multiplies their resources so that they can give yet more – and receive a yet richer harvest.

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