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David’s God: Real, Personal (Ps 17)

David’s enemies had tracked him down and were ready to kill him. Yet David did not panic. He knew God was with him, for him, in complete control. David’s God was real. How real is ours?


Levi saw Christ (5:27-32)

It took only moments for Levi to decide to follow Christ. Levi was one of many who found Jesus completely compelling and were drawn to him. Do you want to be a Christian? Then look at Jesus and see how awesome he is. Do you want your Christian life to be renewed? Then look at Jesus and take delight in him.


The psalmist in the face of death (Ps 16)

The psalmist could face death with confidence, joy and praise. He had known and enjoyed God in this world: he was sure that his relationship with God would not be ended even by the grave.


Levi, a Tax-Collector (5:27-32)

Jesus called the most unlikely man in town to be his disciple. Why? And Levi left everything and followed him straightaway. Why? How do we account for his instant obedience?


A worthy king (Ps 15)

All through Old Testament times God’s people waited for a king worthy to reign alongside the Lord on Mount Zion. But who could meet the standard of perfect righteousness? Jesus alone is worthy to take the scroll and reign at God’s right hand.

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