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Levi, a Tax-Collector (5:27-32)

Jesus called the most unlikely man in town to be his disciple. Why? And Levi left everything and followed him straightaway. Why? How do we account for his instant obedience?


A worthy king (Ps 15)

All through Old Testament times God’s people waited for a king worthy to reign alongside the Lord on Mount Zion. But who could meet the standard of perfect righteousness? Jesus alone is worthy to take the scroll and reign at God’s right hand.


Three lost sheep (5:12-32)

Jesus didn’t wait for his elect to look for him: he went out to search for them. And how different they were! A leper was desperate to be cleansed; a paralytic would never have come if others hadn’t brought him; a tax-collector was determined to carry on in his life of sin. Jesus found them all!


They became fools (Ps 14)

When a man shuts God out of his thinking he becomes a fool. The psalmist remembers times in the past when God handed the whole human race over to foolishness. And he looks forward to a future when wisdom will triumph.


Outside the Synagogue (5:12-32)

Jesus moved outside the synagogue to preach the good news to the towns of Galilee. Let’s meet some of the people who heard the good news.

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