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A psalm for many seasons (Ps 13)

David felt that his afflictions had gone on and on and he saw no end to them. Yet he found assurance and peace as he cried to the Lord. This psalm is for every believer who finds himself crying “how long?”


Fishing in the deep (5:1-3)

Jesus began his teaching work in the synagogue. But it couldn’t stop there. He knew he must go to the people outside. Simon and the other disciples were called likewise to launch out into the deep to fish for men.


A Saviour for damaged sinners (4:31-39)

In Capernaum Jesus demonstrated his power to confront the powers of evil and repair broken people. Jesus’s power and grace are still available for every damaged sinner.


Broken foundations; faithless friends (Ps 11)

The psalmist struggled with the pressures of a broken society. But his worst problem was the demoralising counsel of faithless friends. They told him “flee to the mountains”; he fled to the Rock of Ages.


Living with the godless (Ps 10)

The psalmist had to live among practical atheists: people who ignored God and oppressed the vulnerable. He found himself crying to God to intervene. So must we.

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