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Jesus: Longing for a Sign (4:1-13)

“You shall not put the Lord your God to the test”. Even Jesus was tempted to test God by throwing himself down from the temple tower. Why was the temptation so powerful?


The King prays against the wicked (Ps 5)

What is a psalm of David? It is a psalm spoken by the king, fulfilling his kingly office. Each true king in turn prayed against the wicked. Jesus the ultimate King made each of the psalms of David his own. He too prayed against the wicked. If we are in Christ, we must learn to pray as he prayed.


Jesus: tempted in every way (4:1-)

We look at the first two temptations that Jesus endured in the wilderness. He was tempted through physical need; he was tempted to seek good ends through evil means. He was truly tempted as we are.


Christ in the wilderness (4:1)

After Jesus was baptised he was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. Why must he go through this time of trial? And why did it have to be in the wilderness?


Always rejoicing (Ps 4)

A second psalm written at the time of Absalom’s rebellion. David was surrounded by bitter enemies, reckless allies and discouraged friends. Yet he found his own heart full of joy as he spoke to God.

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