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  • Jesus: Elijah returned? (7:11-17)

    Elijah prayed for a widow's son to be raised from the dead.  Jesus too raised a widow's son.  But the significance of the two events was very different.  Elijah's miracles were signs of judgement against Israel.  The miracles of Jesus were signs of salvation.

  • Solomon dreams (1 Kings 3)

    Solomon had everything this world can offer.  But there was one thing he wanted more than all the treasures of this world.  If you were asked to name the one thing you wanted most, what would it be?

  • Jesus at a funeral (7:11-17)

    Jesus came to Nain.  There he met a widow, grieving over the death of her son.  Jesus raised the young man from the dead with a word of command.  A mourning village glimpsed the compassion of Jesus and his victory over sin, death and the curse.