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New Garment, New Wine (5:33-39)

Jesus’s grace was able to transform tax collectors and sinners. The Pharisees had not understood that Jesus’s coming had brought radical, life-changing grace into the world. Nor could they understand the joy of those who experience that grace. Have we?


David: safe at last (Ps 18)

David’s life was full of danger, distress and conflict. But he came to the point where his battles were over and he could rest. Every believer can look forward to the day when their conflicts will be over. And on that day, we’ll give all the praise to the LORD, just as David did.


Levi and his guests (5:27-32)

Levi believed in friendship evangelism. He invited many friends to a dinner party with Jesus as the guest of honour. But what sort of people were these? How willing are we to befriend people whom the world views as beyond the pale?


David’s God: Real, Personal (Ps 17)

David’s enemies had tracked him down and were ready to kill him. Yet David did not panic. He knew God was with him, for him, in complete control. David’s God was real. How real is ours?


Levi saw Christ (5:27-32)

It took only moments for Levi to decide to follow Christ. Levi was one of many who found Jesus completely compelling and were drawn to him. Do you want to be a Christian? Then look at Jesus and see how awesome he is. Do you want your Christian life to be renewed? Then look at Jesus and take delight in him.

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